Fun Photo from the Collection

Telephone Line Crew, Elwood, NE, ca. 1905


What a great photo! These daring men were part of a telephone line crew near Elwood, Nebraska in about 1905. On several of the men, linemen spikes are clearly visible. What are linemen spikes, you ask?  They are leather straps that attached to the linemen’s boots and legs with long, sharp, metal spikes on the heels. The spikes allow the linemen to scale telephone poles with ease.

It’s time for another caption contest. This funny photograph deserves a funny caption. So help me out and post your suggestion in the comments below.

~Karen Keehr, Curator  of the Visual and Audio Collections

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2 Responses to Fun Photo from the Collection

  1. Mardi Anderson says:

    Just listen to all that chatter! I’ll bet they will be flying south soon.

  2. Curt Peacock says:

    Hey! You with the camera. Will you chase that skunk away?

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