Regional Center burial records index

The staff of the Library/Archives (assisted by the Norfolk Regional Center) has compiled an index to the burials at the Norfolk Regional Center Cemetery.  This joins a listing that we have also placed on our website for the Hastings Regional Center Cemetery.  Information regarding the records associated with these burials must be addressed to the respective regional centers as noted on our site.  Our staff may be able to assist in locating obituaries for residents in Nebraska newspapers.  For more information, please contact our Reference Staff.


Cindy Drake, Library Curator

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2 Responses to Regional Center burial records index

  1. Susan Graf says:

    I am looking for information on my husbands great aunt
    Who we were told lived her life at Norfolk “mental hospital”.
    Her sister was Louisa talacka Srb , dodge, Ne. It would mean a great deal to
    Us to learn anything about her and to know where she is buried. Her
    Sister Louisa died at an old age in 1966 ..

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