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I know the feeling.  Lying in bed at night with questions running incessantly through your head–can the universe truly be limitless, did I remember to feed the dog, wherever can I find accurate information about the holdings of the Nebraska State Historical Society? Well, don’t worry friends, we’ve got your back (at least about the Society; you’re on your own with the universe and the dog).  Staff have been working hard over the last few years to make what we do, and what we have, available online through our website.  There’s really quite a lot that can be accessed and researched through the site and we’re happy to say we’ve just added a new feature that will allow folks from Omaha to Okinawa to search the museum and photograph collections with just a few mouse clicks–the images above are just a few examples from that database.  Allow me to tell you how:

On our home page, www.nebraskahistory.org,  follow the link “Search Collections” which will take you to the following (or, heck, just follow the links from here):

Library Search
More than 40,000 books, maps, serials, and newspapers are listed in this online catalog.

Museum and Photograph Collections Search
Select museum objects and photographs are accessible through the Past Perfect database. Please note that this online database is a work in progress and will be updated regularly.

Government Records Finding Aids
A guide to information in public records produced by local, county, and state agencies (paper, oversize bound volumes, and security microfilm formats). Please note that these records are housed in an off-site facility, and patrons must make appointments in advance before viewing a specific collection.

Manuscript Finding Aids
A guide to some of the 2,500 collections documenting the history and accomplishments of private individuals, families, businesses and organizations in Nebraska. Browse the aids alphabetically or use the Search box.

Photograph Collections List
Gives proper collection numbers and indicate those available on microfiche.

Archival Collection Database
A guide to basic information on the Society’s collections of manuscripts (papers of families and individuals, and records of businesses and organizations), photographs, moving images, and sound recordings.

Nebraska History Index Search
Index of NSHS magazine publications, back to 1885.

Additional Research Databases
Select city directories, telephone books, cemeteries, plat books, newspaper, prison records, and tract books are indexed online to help with research and genealogy.

Bet you didn’t know you could access so much from the comfort of your own home?  Of course, we love to see folks in person too–so please come and visit–but if you can’t, we’re here.

Sleep tight.

Deb Arenz, Senior Museum Curator

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