Quilting on the Frontier: Celebrating 150 years of the Homestead Act

A new quilt exhibit is now open at the Nebraska History Museum. Quilting On The Frontier: Celebrating 150 Years of the Homestead Act recognizes early Nebraska homesteaders through quilts. The exhibit incorporates historic images and objects to illustrate life on a homestead.

The thirteen quilts on display tell three segments of the homestead story: Homesteaders coming to Nebraska brought treasured quilts made by loved ones they left behind, hometeaders made quilts to help beautify new homes, and quilters made quilts to commemorate homesteading.

Girls learned how to quilt at an early age and made quilts for their dolls. A doll quilt is displayed with some of the toys available for children at that time.

Doll quilt from the Gertrude Eaton family, North Bend, Nebraska

The displayed quilts represent different regions of Nebraska, including Custer County, Otoe County, Chambers, Plattsmouth, and North Bend. Two quilts are on loan from the Otoe County Museum of Memories and the Cambridge Museum. The Custer County Historical Society also loaned an image of the Hersh family, who brought one of the quilts in the exhibit to Nebraska, and lived in a sod house.

Donna Landford, an intern from the University of Nebraska, Department of Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design curated the exhibit. Quilting on the Frontier is on display at the Nebraska History Museum through April 14, 2013.

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