Treasures from the Elkhorn Valley Museum

Treasures from Nebraska MuseumsFrom October through December, the Nebraska History Museum in Lincoln is featuring items from the Elkhorn Valley Museum and Research Center in Norfolk. The Elkhorn Valley Museum features many exhibits that illustrate the history of the Elkhorn Valley and the city of Norfolk. It is also the home of the Johnny Carson Gallery which helps tell the story of Carson’s career in television using objects selected by Carson himself for exhibit in his home town. Additionally featured in the museum is a Square Turn Tractor, manufactured in Norfolk in the early 1900s.

The Research Center contains archives, photos, and books pertaining to the Norfolk and Elkhorn Valley region and is available for people interested in historical and genealogical research. Children age 2 through 11 and their families can enjoy the museum’s Children’s Discovery Zone, a hands-on activity area. The museum building is located adjacent to historic Verges Park and also houses the Willetta Lueshen Bird Library which has ample windows for bird viewing in the park.

The Elkhorn Valley Museum and Research Center is located at 515 Queen City Boulevard in Norfolk. It is open Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-5pm. Admission is $6 for adults, $5 for seniors (60+), $4 for students (12-18), $3 for kids (5-11) and free for children under 5. For further information: 402-371-3886 or

Exhibits at the Elkhorn Valley Museum and Research Center.

Some examples of treasures from their collections include early Hallmark cards.

Hallmark greeting cards

Examples of early Hallmark cards.

The Hall Brothers; Rollie, Will, and Joyce started the Norfolk Post Card Company in Norfolk in 1905. This partnership eventually moved to Kansas City and went on to become Hallmark Cards.

Photo of "Diamond Dick" Tanner.

Photo of "Diamond Dick" Tanner.

Richard “Diamond Dick” Tanner came to Nebraska in 1878 and began his career as a long distance rider and circus performer in the 1890s. He later entered medical school and eventually combined his show business talent and knowledge of herbs to promote and sell natural remedies out of his Norfolk, Nebraska location. The Elkhorn Valley Museum holds various items relating to the life and career of “Diamond Dick” Tanner.

So, stop by the Nebraska History Museum here in Lincoln to see what items from the Elkhorn Valley Museum we have on display. Or, plan a trip to Norfolk and check out what other treasures the Elkhorn Valley Museum has to offer!

-Tom Mooney, Acting Associate Director for Collections

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