More from the Corner Drugstore

We’re always pleased when readers can provide more information about the photos we post. In response to a recent post, “The Corner Drugstore, 1934,” we received this comment:

Dr. Geo. Strassler says:
October 24, 2012 at 10:04 am

SW corner of 13th & P. Next door north from the Liberty Theater in the Oliver Opera House building – big old sandstone building. It would be interesting to find a photograph of the east face of that building.

A quick search for Liberty Theater brought up this photo (RG2158-1927), which unfortunately is somewhat damaged, and which despite its RG number is listed in our records as having been taken on August 29, 1926:

This is clearly the same building as in the 1934 photo. The detail below shows the drugstore and theater entrance. And sometime between 1926 and 1934, the Molzer Violin School was replaced by the Kuklin School of Tap Dancing — perhaps a sign of changing tastes in entertainment.

By way of comparison, here’s the 1934 photo, below. Now that we’ve seen an earlier view, the newer version looks less quaint and more modern than it did before, even a bit gaudy. Just eight years of historical perspective allows us to perceive it in a way that’s a bit closer to how the people of 1934 would have seen it.

—David Bristow, Associate Director / Publications

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One Response to More from the Corner Drugstore

  1. Bob Pettit says:

    I remember this as the Varsity theatre, 1940′s-’50′s. I can’t say I remember the drugstore though. My dad recalled, as a boy in the early 1900′s, taking the train from Eagle to Lincoln to see shows at the Oliver. One of the most anticipated films of my youth was “Destination Moon,” shown at the Varsity around 1950. I also remember leaning against that great “1891″ cornerstone while waiting for the bus.
    Bob Pettit

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