Revelling in Spring

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All of us in Nebraska have been especially thankful for the lovely spring we’ve been experiencing.  Sometimes a cold, dark, long winter is just what we need to remind us of the wonder of this time of year.  I know I’ve taken a greater joy this last month or so in counting the extra minutes of sunlight, the trees in full bloom, and the sweet little violets popping up from the ground.  So, with my springtime enthusiasm still bubbling and the sentiments of Earth and Arbor Day floating around in my head I thought I’d share the above painting with you.  To me it is much like a spring day–verdant, bright, and utterly lovely.

This painting is one of several by Elizabeth Honor Dolan in the collection of the Nebraska State Historical Society.  For more information about the artist, please go here:

–Deb Arenz, Senior Museum Curator

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