Superman Comes to Omaha . . .er, Lincoln

The Nebraska State Historical Society collects and cares for hundreds of thousands of items.  Not surprisingly, many are quite old.  We aren’t, however, neglecting the present.  Although it can be difficult to determine today what will have historical relevance one hundred years from now we at times put on our “seer” cap and collect items that we feel will stand the test of time and be appreciated by future generations of Nebraskans. We think this item fits the bill because, really, how many times can we expect Superman to visit the Cornhusker state?

This April 2011 DC Comic book was part of a series in which Superman was traveling around American and seen in various cities. Prior to the publication of this particular issue DC Comics held a contest to allow readers to “bring Superman to your city.”  Promotional pieces sent out prior to the release date indicated that Superman was going to visit Omaha. Understandably, Omaha comic stores prepared for the event and upon receiving the comic book were disappointed to discover that Superman had indeed visited . . . .Lincoln.

Plopped down in Lincoln Superman wonders why he couldn't have stayed in Kansas. Perhaps he should have been wondering why he wasn't in Omaha

Obviously our state capitol.


The Omaha World-Herald speculated that the mix-up could be due to this issue having  two writers, one who stepped in at a late date (and didn’t get the Omaha/Lincoln memo one would suppose), and the DC editor-in-chief apologized to Omaha fans and retailers for the mix-up.

–Deb Arenz, Associate Director for Collections

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