One of Those Days

You think you’ve had ”one of those days”? Consider this from the 1875 Omaha Bee, available on microfilm in the newly re-opened Reference Room at the NSHS headquarters, 1500 R Street:
“Officer Hanlon went out this morning to repossess some property from a man named Wiggins. He arrived just as the morning hash was being dished up.
The officer made his business known. Mrs. Wiggins, who was frying beefsteak, shrieked and fell fainting on a chair. Her great weight demoralized the chair, and a pan of hot grease was knocked over. The grease fell on an aged feline. The cat, in intense pain, went through the only pane of glass left in the window. On the way, the cat collided with a caster set* in the hands of the oldest girl. She dropped the set on the dog’s tail. The dog yelped, and bounced through the window after the cat. The dog and cat, knocking down the littlest Wiggins, frightened the chickens into the neighbor’s yard.
Seeing the invaders, the neighbor grabbed his shotgun and let fly. He missed the dog, wounded the cat, and killed three of his own chickens. He raised to fire again, when the Officer restored the peace, quieted the children, revived the Mrs., loaded up the property, and drove back into town.
At last report the cat was doing as well as could be expected.”
 *Victorian castor sets held a variety of condiments (salt, pepper, vinegar, mustard, oil, spices) in glass bottles that fit into a metal, often silverplated, base.

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