Our New Blog

The idea behind this blog is to allow the Nebraska State Historical Society staff of historians, curators, archivists, etc., to share the latest things we’re learning about the history of our state. We’ll show you newly acquired artifacts and photos, explain the latest research, try to unravel historical mysteries–in short, share all the good stuff that isn’t covered by our current publications and exhibits. You can post your own comments as well (we require a free registration before you post–that’s to avoid spam posts).

The goal is to create an ongoing conversation about Nebraska history among experts, teachers, students, and curious people of all ages.

While you’re here, see our Facebook page for the latest news and events.

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One Response to Our New Blog

  1. Oliver B. Pollak says:

    Can you place a short description of the blog next to the list of dates – December 2012 back to February 2010?

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