In the Dog House

“]Pete's Dog House, Nov. 26, 1948 [RG2183.PH1948-1126-476, SFN41959]

Pete's Dog House, Nov. 26, 1948 [RG2183.PH1948-1126-476, SFN41959

One of the many perks of my job as photograph curator is getting to examine the details revealed by our Digital Imaging Lab during the scanning process.  Take the photograph of Pete’s Dog House.  It is a great photo by itself, but its true charm is exposed in the close-ups.

10¢ caramel apples from Pete's Dog House

10¢ caramel apples from Pete's Dog House

Pete’s Dog House was located at 143 North 13th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska, next door to the Varsity Theater. This photograph was taken November 26, 1948 and is part of the Macdonald Studio Collection. We are currently in the middle of a project to digitize the Macdonald Collection.

The Macdonald Studio was one Lincoln’s leading commercial photography studios.  The collection came to NSHS in the mid-1980’s and is comprised of about 19,000 images that chronicle Lincoln’s history from the 1920’s to the 1950’s. Each image is as breathtaking as the next.

Much of the Macdonald Collection is very high quality, original negatives.  This means, the digital images our scan technicians are producing have amazing details. To learn more about how digital imaging reveals hidden history, check out our website:

Through these portals pass the world's most tasty dogs.

Through these portals pass the world's most tasty dogs.

So, back to Pete’s. . . according to the menu at right, all breeds of hot dogs were 15¢. To the left of the menu, the hot dog and bun warmer is topped with a sign that reads, “Through these portals pass the world’s most tasty dogs.”  Glass cases below the windows hold mouth watering caramel apples, which were only 10¢.

Does anyone remember Pete’s Dog House? I would love to hear about it.  Leave your memory in the comments.

Karen Keehr

Curator of the Visual and Audio Collections

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3 Responses to In the Dog House

  1. Richard Lyons says:

    Okay – not right on the subject but the mention of the Varsity Theater reminded me that I had once heard it was the first commercial building in Lincoln with air condionting. Not of the freon type – but by blowing fans across blocks of ice through duct work for cooling. Does anybody have any information on that? Thanks.

  2. Steve Batty says:

    I’ve started writing a blog about a couple of years of my college life at UNL in 67 and 68. One of the events I want to include happened at the theater across the street west of the Stuart Theater at 13th and P streets. Just today I asked an older graduate of the Univ. and he said it was named the Varsity Theater. So far he is the only one coming up with that name. I searched it on Google and it appears that might be the right name for the theater. It would be nice to include an old picture of the theater if one was available. Is there a way you might have one online that I can point to from my story??
    Steve from McCook

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