Home Movie Day reminder…

There is still time to submit your home movies for possible inclusion in “Home Movie Day” this fall.

Do you have home movies showing choice community events? Family fun? Scenes of travels near and far? The Nebraska State Historical Society (NSHS) invites you to loan your home movie gems for possible inclusion in “Home Movie Day,” to be held October 15 at the Nebraska History Museum in Lincoln. Home Movie Day is a celebration of the hobby with which we all grew up. Here’s your chance to find a whole new audience for that amateur-made footage you love! Submissions must be on 16mm or 8mm film and in good condition, or already transferred to DVD or videotape.

September 15 is the deadline for submissions, and we ask you to select only one or two reels to share. All loans will be judged by NSHS staff, who will pick the films to be screened in October based on content. For more details call Paul Eisloeffel at 402-471-7837 or email .

If your home movie makes the cut it will be featured at the Nebraska State Historical Society’s Home Movie Day on October 15 at the Nebraska History Museum, 15th and P Streets in Lincoln, from 1:00-4:00 pm. The event is free to the public. The presentations will include information on home movies and their preservation, but screening the “greatest hits” from private and NSHS collections will be the stars of the show.

If you are a home movie hobbyist, a local or family historian, or just a lover of campy film, then Home Movie Day is for you! Save the date: October 15, 1-4 pm, at the Nebraska History Museum, 15th and P Streets, Lincoln. For more information: 402-471-7837 or visit our website or the Nebraska State Historical Society on Facebook.

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