Something fun from the NSHS Photo Collection



Are you ready for a little photo fun?  I recently came across this image in our collection. Can you guess what this strange contraption was used for?  Post your best guesses in the comment section below.

I will even give you a hint. Nebraska photographer Solomon Butcher took this photograph in Kearney, Nebraska in about 1907.

I can’t wait to see your responses. Good luck!

Karen Keehr
Curator of Photographs

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4 Responses to Something fun from the NSHS Photo Collection

  1. Cathy says:

    To clean grain?

  2. Tim says:

    I would say a amusement ride?

  3. Karen Keehr says:

    Is everyone ready for the answer? This unusual contraption is a gas powered carpet cleaner. Before vacuum cleaners were common household appliances, you could take you rugs here to have the dirt beaten out of them.

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