Photo Finish: Harold Mauck’s Stock Car Racing Collection

Harold & Tina Mauck with stock car #89 in the late 1950s (RG5705.PH2-8)

Harold Mauck & wife Tina pose with Harold's stock car #89, ca. 1960 (RG5705.PH2-8)

My name is Jenna Rhodes and I am an intern at the Nebraska State Historical Society.  I have been organizing a collection of photos taken in the 1950s and 60s by Harold Mauck, a resident of Plainview, Nebraska.  Harold owned a professional photography business in Plainview called Mauck Studios, which he and his wife Tina operated for several years.  Harold had a particular affinity for stock car racing, and when he was not driving stock cars, he was taking photographs of the races.  Harold also enjoyed flying planes, building fiberglass boats, and running a sporting goods store. Although I did not get to meet Harold before he passed away, I spoke to several people who knew him and learned that he had a gentle soul and a contagious smile. I also learned that he cared deeply about the community of Plainview, which is evident in the photos he left behind.

The stock car racing photographs constitute the majority of the collection.  Harold captured still shots of the drivers and their cars, trophy presentations, daredevil stunts, crashes, and more.  The rest of the collection is an assortment of photos that includes aerial shots of Plainview, school activities, special events, and a few famous individuals like Bob Warren, the host of the Lawrence Welk Show. With the help of Bob Mays at the Smith Collection Museum of American Speed, we have been able to identify several people in the stock car racing photos; however, we welcome anyone who may be able to provide more information.  Please contact Karen Keehr, Curator of the Audio and Visual Collection at (402) 471-4750.


Cars lined up in front of grandstand in Wayne, NE, ca. 1955 (RG5705.PH7-82)


Crash at 1968 Nebraska State Fair. Chuck Portello was the driver of the overturned car #28 at the far left. The other drivers include Ken Williams in #B4u, Davey Ross in #6, and Roger Rager in #2. (RG5705.PH5-32)


Motorcycle stunt by Joe Chitwood’s Daredevil team, Nebraska State Fair (RG5705.PH4-20)

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2 Responses to Photo Finish: Harold Mauck’s Stock Car Racing Collection

  1. mary taurus mauck says:

    I am the neice of Harold Mauck. I never knew about the cars he photographed or had.

    I vaguely remeber about the planes.

    Can you fill me in on more.

    My Dad his cousin was also in to cars—-

    anything on them—

    Mary elizabeth and Keith Mauck—-also Alan Mauck

    Thank you!


  2. mary taurus mauck says:

    pleas email any pictures on the planes!

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