The Naming of Beatrice, Nebraska

On April 22, 1857, on board the steamer Hannibal anchored on the Missouri River, a small group of passengers met to form a settlement organization, which they named “The Nebraska Association.” One of the organization’s first orders of business was to form a “locating committee” charged to “explore Nebraska and select a townsite.” After investigating several sites in southeast Nebraska, the committee assembled in Omaha and recommended a site “near the center of Gage County.” Their report was unanimously adopted, and another committee was named to propose a name for the new town. At a subsequent meeting this committee offered two names for consideration. “Wheatland” received nine votes and “Beatrice” received sixteen. The name, Beatrice, was officially chosen on May 5, 1857.

Nebraska Association, minute book (NSHS RG3387.AM)

Nebraska Association, minute book (NSHS RG3387.AM)

The Library/Archives Division holds this minute book of the Nebraska Association, which provides a detailed account of the naming of Beatrice. Contact the Library/Archives Division for more information.

-Tom Mooney, Curator of Manuscripts

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