Love Sugar? I’ve Got Just the Hospital for You

With that title I bet you thought this blog was going to be about the evils of sugar consumption.  Nope, we’ll leave that to the countless “health” blogs.  I’ve got something almost better than sugar ingestion–sugar sculpture.  In the 1930s-1940s, for some reason as yet unknown to me, Victor Hnoinski built a replica of the Lincoln Veterans Hospital out of sugar!  Don’t believe me?  Here’s proof:

A postcard of Victor and his sugar hospital.

A postcard of Victor and his sugar hospital. The back of the card indicates that Hnoinski was a member of "The Disabled American Veterans" and that he worked two hours a day for four months to make this model, which is five feet long and three and a half feet wide. Hnoinski used 170 pounds of sugar, gelatine, glucose, caramel syrup, egg whites, corn starch, and fruit colors in its construction.

I don’t know what Victor chose to do with this craftily constructed confection or what ultimately happened to it, but I felt it deserved sharing.  If you have information–I’d love to hear it.

If only we’d had the original for our Weird Nebraska exhibit.

–Deb Arenz, Senior Museum Curator

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