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Want to help build a better future for the past? The Nebraska State Historic Preservation Office needs input from you! Please take a few moments right now to become our partner in creating a new strategic plan for how we can best preserve and enhance Nebraska’s rich historic and cultural landscapes. Also watch our website for more opportunities to provide your input in the near future.

To complete the short 10 question survey click here. 

Your survey responses will be incorporated into the State Historic Preservation Plan, a document that will guide preservation efforts during the years leading up to Nebraska’s sesquicentennial. Our state is big and our cultural landscapes are diverse, so we face a challenge in ensuring the best possible use of our energy, efforts and funds. We want to hear your ideas and opinions, good or bad, concerning how we as Nebraskans can work together to preserve those historic places that make Nebraska special. The previous state historic preservation plan is available for viewing online at http://www.nebraskahistory.org/histpres/publications/Preservation_Plan.pdf.



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