Find Nebraska Treasures Here

Great news! We have added more Nebraska treasures to our Museum and Photograph Collection online searchable database.  To celebrate, we have a treasure hunt for you. Visit our website and see if you can find these unique and wonderful Nebraska treasures among the more than 16,000 records and over 25,000 images now searchable online.

    Sergeant McGinnis of the 12th Cavalry Band, at Ft. Robinson, standing next to his tuba which has a baby nestled in its bell. (RG1517.PH77-5)

    Sergeant McGinnis of the 12th Cavalry Band, at Ft. Robinson, standing next to his tuba which has a baby nestled in its bell. (RG1517.PH77-5)

  • Santa visited Crawford, Nebraska in 1946 courtesy of a team of sled dogs trained at Fort Robinson.
  • At the 1884 Centennial Exposition in New Orleans, Lady Liberty never looked finer or cornier.
  • Do you know where your high school letterman’s jacket is? Check out Deb Brownson’s, from Falls City’s class of 1975.
  • John Morris of Seward, NE invented a better mouse trap in 1877.
  • This flour sack from the Crete Mill came with a prize printed on it. Hope you like puppets!

We will continue to add more treasures to the database.  So, check back and search often.

Karen Keehr, Curator of the Visual and Audio Collections

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3 Responses to Find Nebraska Treasures Here

  1. Wendy says:

    I enjoyed the photographic treasure hunt. I was even more delighted when I showed the photo of Santa arriving in Crawford in 1946 and she remembered being there! She is 76 now and living in Texas but this photo sparked a fascinating remembrance of her childhood. Thank you!

  2. Dave McGinnis says:

    Sergeant McGinnis is my Grandfather, Francis (“Frank”) McGinnis, who served in the 12th Cavalry at Fort Robinson, and the baby in the horn of the Trumpet is my Father, Glen Francis McGinnis who was born on April 13, 1913, according to a certificate of birth signed by the Chaplain 12th Cavalry. Thanks for preserving this wonderful archive. Frank eventually retired after 33 years of service from the Army Band at West Point and Dad served at the US Military Academy as a civilian employee for 44 years.

  3. Karen Keehr says:

    Mr. McGinnis,
    Thank you so much for the information about your father and grandfather. It is such a fun image. It makes me smile every time I see it. It is always wonderful to hear from family members. The photograph was part of a recent donation. The donor’s grandfather William Walsh was also a member of the 12th Calvary band at Ft. Robinson.

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