Bayard Paine: Nebraska Supreme Court Justice

The Library/Archives Division holds a small collection of papers relating to Bayard H. Paine. Paine was a judge for many years and served on the Nebraska State Supreme Court from 1931 to 1949. Born in Ohio in 1872, Paine graduated from Grand Island High School in 1889. He attended Northwestern University and the University of Michigan. Paine passed the Nebraska bar in 1904 and started practicing law. He held various judgeships throughout his career, culminating in his service on the State Supreme Court.

Informational card for Bayard H. Paine (RG1294.AM)

Informational card for Bayard H. Paine (RG1294.AM)

The collection consists mostly of correspondence, as well as speeches and addresses authored by Bayard Paine. The speeches cover a variety of subjects including William Jennings Bryan, the future of Nebraska and the United States, and the famous buffalo hunt of Russian Grand Duke Alexis and Buffalo Bill Cody. Also included are some campaign materials relating to Paine’s candidacy for various judgeships.

Campaign promise to women voters (RG1294.AM)

Campaign promise to women voters (RG1294.AM)

See the NSHS Library Catalog and the Nebraska History Index for published materials by and about Bayard Paine. For additional information, please contact the Library/Archives Division.

-Tom Mooney, Curator of Manuscripts

Note: The Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer in Grand Island has a substantial Bayard Paine collection.

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