The Flying Newsboy Takes to the Air

McCook Daily Gazette 9-13-1929

The McCook Daily Gazette took on a decidedly aeronautical look on September 13, 1929, when The Newsboy airplane appeared on page 1.

If you’ve read Vince Goeres’s new book, Wings Over Nebraska: Historic Aviation Photos, published by Nebraska State Historical Society Books, you know that in 1929 the McCook Daily Gazette became the nation’s first newspaper to begin regular delivery by airplane. The Gazette‘s airplane, The Newsboy, carried papers to outlying towns.

To learn the full story of this aviation landmark, see “The Flying Newsboy Takes to the Air” by Liz Watts (Nebraska History, Winter 2005). The complete article is now available on our website. Watts asks:

Why did Harry D. Strunk, publisher of the Gazette, risk using this relatively new technology—the airplane—on a full-time basis for newspaper delivery? How did this innovation affect the Gazette, whose effort was later described by journalism historian Frank Luther Mott as “pioneering”? Strunk’s reasons for adopting air delivery included an increased recognition of the purchasing power of farm families, poor road conditions, rising postal rates, and the public’s fascination with aviation.

The Newsboy is displayed at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington. See the McCook Daily Gazette website for recent articles about this pioneering airplane.

—David Bristow, Associate Director for Research & Publications

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