Wings Over Nebraska: Historic Aviation Photos


It’s here! Our new book, Wings Over Nebraska: Historic Aviation Photos, is now available to the public. Written by NSHS volunteer (and longtime aviation enthusiast) Vince Goeres, with Kylie Kinley and introduction by Roger Welsch, the book showcases more than 200 aviation photos from the NSHS collections.

Charles Lindbergh learned to fly in Nebraska. The atomic-bomb-carrying Enola Gay was built here. Less known are the stories of early airplane builders, the first nighttime airmail flight, races and stunts, and a dozen World War II air bases. These are the photos and stories of Nebraska’s long love affair with aviation.

Come to the Nebraska History Museum (15th and P streets, Lincoln) for a book signing on Sunday, October 24, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.

Preview the book at We’ve posted the Table of Contents and Chapter 3, the story of Nebraska World War I flying ace Orville Ralston. The book is available from NSHS Landmark Stores (1-800-833-6747, 402-471-3447) and at airports and bookstores across Nebraska.

Savidge Brothers

John, Joe, George, and Matt Savidge, shown with their plane in 1912, built their first glider on their ranch west of Ewing, Nebraska, in 1907. Their sister, Mary, was probably the first female in Nebraska to be a passenger in a plane. NSHS RG2508-3

—David Bristow, Associate Director for Research & Publications

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One Response to Wings Over Nebraska: Historic Aviation Photos

  1. Jeff Kubitz says:

    I found this book full of information that anyone interested in early aviation would want to read.
    The many nice photos are great too.
    I finished this book in a few days and found I just couldn’t put it down.
    I will add it to my aviation book collection with “Sharpie” by Diane Ruth Armour Bartels and “Rudder Stick and Trottle” by Robert E. Adwers.
    I hope the book signing was a success.
    My only regret was I didn’t get Kylie Kinley to sign my book too.
    I didn’t realize who she was until later.
    Mr. Goeres, Thank you for writing this book.

    Jeff Kubitz

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