We love quilts!

New quilts on exhibit in specially designed cabinets at the Nebraska History Museum
OK, I’ll say it–here at the Nebraska History Museum, we love quilts! It’s not surprising, is it, considering Nebraska’s rich quilting heritage and active quilting communities? We are always dreaming up new quilt exhibits, looking forward to the next quilt acquisition, and devising new and better ways to preserve our quilts and present them to the public.  A good example are the quilt drawers on the second floor of the museum (pictured above)—they contain quilts recently added to the collection, and change regularly.
Lately, we’ve been especially quilt happy and here’s why:

Our quilt collection contains almost 400  pieces (actually 373 but we’re optimistic)! Most of these Nebraska-made quilts date from the 1950s and earlier, so while we’re always open to collecting wonderful quilts from all decades, we’re really hungry for quilts from the last 60 years.

We’ve spent a lot of time in the last few years sharing these quilts through online and on-site exhibits. Here’s a few links:

Nebraska Gone Crazy!  Crazy Quilts from Nebraska Museums


Quilts A to Z

Patchwork Lives

We just finished photographing, fully cataloging, and vacuuming all of our quilts (yes—it took a while). The photographing and cataloging will be greatly beneficial when our collection becomes searchable online, and the vacuuming helps with preservation and our allergies.

And,we are excited that with the support of many very generous donors we have recently purchased over 200 archival boxes to use for quilt storage. These boxes will protect the quilts from the damaging effects of light and dust and make retrieving the quilts from storage a breeze. We are so thankful for the financial help we received and are thoroughly enjoying boxing the quilts (at least those not on exhibit) until they’re needed in the future.

Laura Mooney, Museum Registrar, getting ready to box a quilt

Laura Mooney, Museum Registrar, getting ready to box a quilt

So as you can tell, we really love quilts.  And I, personally, would love to hear about your Nebraska quilts—or share our Nebraska quilts with you.  So post a comment or send me a message and let’s talk quilts.

–Deb Arenz, Senior Museum Curator

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2 Responses to We love quilts!

  1. Tim from Willow Bend Creations Quilting Patterns says:

    Hi Deb, I realize this is kind of an old post but I just came across it and noticed those awesome quilt drawers! They would be perfect for displaying my wife’s quilts and quilting patterns at trunk shows and trade shows. Did you have them custom made?


  2. darenz says:

    Thanks Julie. I’ll take a look and get back to you soon.

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