Mystery Photograph

University of Nebraska Women's Track team, ca. 1902

University of Nebraska Women's Track Team, ca. 1902

March is Women’s History Month.  I thought this photograph would be a great way to jump into the celebration.  Bad pun intended.

These two lovely and talented young ladies were members of the University of Nebraska track team in about 1902.  One of the women is identified as Ina Giddings, but you will have to  work for the name of the second mystery hurdler.

I will give you three hints.  Her father was a famous Nebraskan politician. She was Florida’s first woman elected to Congress. She was also the first woman appointed a U.S. Ambassador.

Submit your guesses in the comments below.

Good luck!

Karen Keehr

Curator of the Visual and Audio Collections

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3 Responses to Mystery Photograph

  1. CathyB says:

    That would be Ruth Byran Owen, daughter of William Jennings Bryan.

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