Doll Collection Now Online-Test Your Knowledge

We’ve recently added the Nebraska History Museum’s doll collection to our online database. That’s more than 800 dolls!  Visit and enter “doll” in the search box.

Here are a few character dolls from the collection.  Can you name them all?


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Post a comment if you think you know the answers.

-Laura Mooney, Museum Registrar









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4 Responses to Doll Collection Now Online-Test Your Knowledge

  1. norm prince says:

    A – Terri Lee
    B – Smoo
    C – ??
    D – Cupie Doll
    E – ??

  2. Jim Kosmicki says:

    I am tailoring my answer to the fact that you said they were character based and thus not just generic dolls.

    A is probably Dale Evans
    B is the Shmoo from the comic strip “Li’l Abner”
    C looks like a Keystone Kop
    D is a Kewpie
    E I don’t have a clue – it looks like late 50′s, early 60′s, but I’m not sure what character that would be. My initial instinct was Cissie from “Family Affair” but she didn’t wear glasses, and the manufacturer wouldn’t go to the trouble and expense of having glasses unless they were an important part of the character’s look.

  3. lmooney says:

    Thanks for the good guesses!

    A. Terri Lee, which was founded in Lincoln, Nebraska.
    B. Shmoo from “Li’l Abner”
    C. Percy the Policeman, who appeared in the Raggedy Ann stories
    D. A Kewpie doll, invented by Nebraska’s Rose O’Neill
    E. Tammy by the Ideal Toy Corp.

    -Laura Mooney, Museum Registrar

  4. Teri Hitchcock says:

    A.Terrie Lee B.schmoo C.Keystone cop D.Kewpi doll E. Tammy by ideal

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