Saving Memories Exhibit is Now Online

The new virtual exhibit, Saving Memories, features various documentary items from the Library/Archives collections, including diaries, journals, scrapbooks, autograph albums, photo albums, and home movies. The virtual exhibit also features several quilts and hide paintings from the Museum Collections. The exhibit highlights the fact that people want to be remembered and shows various examples of how they recorded those memories for future generations. One example from the exhibit is the diary of William Danley. 

Studio portrait of William Danley [NSHS RG0934.PH]

Studio portrait of William Danley (NSHS RG0934.PH)

 Danley starts his diary as follows:
Chadron, Dawes Co. Neb
Feb. 1, 1888

“I’m going to start a Journal and if any body wants to know me before this just strike me for information.  I was borne in the North room of the house on the Old Danley Homestead in Stouts Grove McLean Co Ills. 1 mi from Danvers. Sept 2, 1860. I have lived in Illinois, Iowa & Misouri. I came to Nebraska in 1879 Crossed the Missouri on Jack Thomas’ Little Bee. Stayed in Niobrara 2 years Was drownded out by the Flood in Spring of ’81 and pulled for the R.R. at Oural. Worked on the R.R. up to Valentine stayed at Ft. Niobrara 2 years Then pulled for the White River Country.  Am here yet on my Homestead, with Pa, Ma, Maggie, Leta, & Warren. I am running the Chadron Dairy have 20 cows 7 horses, 2 pigs a Dog and an awful cold.  So Be It for a start.”

William Danley diary, 1888 (NSHS RG0934.AM)

William Danley diary, 1888 (NSHS RG0934.AM)

See our website for more information about the William Danley collection.

Another example is an autograph book owned by Lucy Correll.  Lucy’s husband, Erasmus Correll, served as president of the American Woman Suffrage Association.  Lucy’s autograph book contains the signatures of friends, colleagues, and of particular note, this signature of Susan B. Anthony.

Signature of Susan B. Anthony (NSHS RG4430.AM)

Signature of Susan B. Anthony (NSHS RG4430.AM)

See our website for more information about the Erasmus and Lucy Correll collection.  For a closer look at these and various other fascinating items, check out the Saving Memories exhibit online. 

Tom Mooney – Curator of Manuscripts

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